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Jewelry Designers

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  Hi, I’m Serghei!
 Hi, I’m Helene!
brasco jewelry
brasco designer
 HRD Graduate Gemologist
 IGI Color Stone Grader
 IGI Pearl Grader  
Member of International Association of Art Critics and Art Historians (AIS);
3D Modeller
3D Trainer

I'm Project Manager
  I'm Jewelry Designer
We are BRother And Sister COmpany
                             = BRASCO =
  Jewelry  is our passion!
 Let us introduce our team:
  Hi,I'm Oleg!
  Hi,I'm Ann!
  Hi,I'm Natali!
  Hi,I'm Marine!
      3D Designer
      3D Modeller 
 Administrator assistant
       3D modeller        
        3D Designer
       3D Modeller  
 IGI Graduate Gemologist
 HRD Gemologist
 Jewelry Appraiser
Together we are "Brasco Jewelry Designers LLC"
Who are we: Myth or Mega Designers?

   We are a group of professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the Jewelry Industry. Our backgrounds include casting, finishing, model-making, CAD/CAM, CAD training, jewelry appraising, grading diamonds and colored stones.
    We are a team of professional problem solvers and takeout critics, working around the clock to make “Brasco Jewelry Designers LLS” the best jewelry design service in US.
    We specialize CAD design, training and consulting for fine detailed output. We have spent extensive hours in development of support and build styles specific to Jewelry industry.
                                                                                                                      What  We Do

  We are different people, who love designing and diamonds. We are small team, but we possess a highly skilled work force. Our goal is to produce great work with positive energy. Let’s enjoy creating together. Your business can only thrive when you learn how to create different processes to better your workflow, and most of the time you need to tap into new technology to do that. That's where we come in...

  - We provide a full CAD Design from your rendering or idea;

  - We provide training you in Rhino and T-splines;

  - We provide you all kinds of diamonds and gemstones to complete your jewelry;

  - We provide you any type of appraisals for your finished jewelry;

  - We also provide consulting services to assist you with setting up your own digital design systems in-house;

  - We can recommend changes in your design to facilitate easier production and finishing of your product;

  Every person in our team is an expert in their field. We recruit the best design and development.
We also work  to make business smoother in a verity of unique ways that will work for your store. Your employees are going to love it, you're going to love it, your spouse is going to love the free time you gain, and your bottom line is going to get a lot fatter.

  But enough about us - let’s talk about you. Whether you own jewelry business or manage jewelry business for clients, you need our CAD service that takes care of complicated stuff, you need our Appraisal Service and you can focus on your job.

  What has remained constant is the company’s philosophy of providing the highest possible level of service. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and through our national sales team we aim to provide a service that is both professional and efficient. With our enthusiasm and skills, we have enabled the company to become one of the leading jewelry suppliers in the US.
“Brasco Jewelry designers LLC” advantages:

  1.We help you to invest in digital design (you invest in your future);
 2.We help you to bring your product to market faster, to facilitate better sales;
  3.We help you to reduce your model cost;
 4.We help you to increase your sales by delivering products that your customer wants and needs;
  5.We offer most competitive prices for 3D modeling;
  6.We offer you most competitive prices for CAD training;
  7.We offer you most competitive prices for appraisals;
  8.We offer you the best design secure;
  9.We offer you superior customer service;
  10.We open 7 days a week to answer your calls and e-mail.